Of all the photos I've shot over the last three decades, this one ranks among the unremarkable. Yet, there's something about it I really like.

Some of the photos I've shot in the past, ones I thought should be relegated to an outtake pile, have gone on to resonate with throngs of people. The radical inconsistency of individual perception is forever fascinating.

History is replete with works of art, writing, and music that are the bane of the creator only to be the darling of the public. Thankfully it is one of the mysteries of life the technology world seems unable, or unwilling to algorithm-ize.

My guess is tech folk are only comfortable with the quantifiable, or the pseudo-quantifiable like human behavior. It spurs one to wonder why there is such a rampant obsession with control when our brains crave exploring the unknown. That's where the truest dopamine fix can be found, in the realms of curiosity and discovery.