DST and Writing

The Thursday before the Sunday change to daylight savings time 1982 I sat in my high school English class on the sixth floor of the building that is currently the Ritz Carlton hotel in San Francisco. The classroom windows were open to a warm spring wind swirling under clear blue skies. The atmosphere of the moment inspired a kind of euphoria and a decision that writing would become part of my professional creative life.

It didn’t quite go as planned. After graduating from college with a writing/literature degree I didn’t scribe anything more complicated than a check for twelve years. Fashion photography had become my profession.

Around 2001 blind luck dropped an opportunity into my lap and my first national magazine article was published. It got a enough attention to launch an ancillary career as a writer that lasted about eighteen years and included a stint at National Geographic.

Today I was struck by the same euphoria that hit me all those years ago in the high school classroom. The perfect combination of wind and temperature and blue skies. Funnily enough it’s just before the daylight savings time change. Maybe it’s a sign to do some writing again.