Michael, the powerful agent who discovered me and launched my fashion photography career when I was nineteen years old, strong-armed a well known makeup artist named Lance into working on one of my first photo shoots. Lance was none too happy. He was famous, I was an unknown rookie. Nevertheless, Lance did the gig with grimaced professionalism.

By the end of it Lance told me that my eagerness to shoot well revealed why Michael wanted to develop my career. He also said, “I can see you actually becoming good one day.”

After thinking quietly for a few seconds, Lance invited me out to drink with he and his fashion industry friends. “But,” he said, “your demeanor and your name [Louis] are way too heterosexual to hang with us in a gay bar.”

So, with a long handled blush brush he ceremoniously touched each of my shoulders and dubbed me LouLou. The nickname stuck.

Think of this blog like meeting friends at the pub; drinks are drunk, stories are told, everyone has a good time.