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There's just no excuse for much of it.

Am I such a rabid fan of James Bond that my day went totally upside down because the title of the next Bond film, consisting of four words and an equal number of syllables, was released this morning?

Yes. Yes I am.

Some Bond fans, who I hold in high regard, have commented that Sam Mendes’s Skyfall and Spectre have not aged well. I don't agree. Bond films are marvelous in their capacity to be individually special to each viewer. While I agree Casino Royal has the richest story line of all the Daniel Craig Bond films, my favorite remains Skyfall. I have no defendable reason except to say it resonated with me. The cinematography was gorgeous, the art direction was stunning, and the story, plot holes and all, was intriguing. It's emotional, not academic.

There have been some Bond films I’ve loathed and some I’ve been ambivalent about. For each one of those I can find a fan. We don’t go to see a Bond movie per se, we go to see what our flawed hero with the strong sense of morality and patriotism has gotten himself into. And for a 120 minutes, every couple of years, we imagine ourselves in his shoes.

In this episode of the Chaos and Creativity podcast, Kimi and I discuss the merits of having a routine, and, how creating a plan for your day can inspire creativity.

Brilliantly executed, and wonderfully addicting. The characters you've come to love, you'll love even more.

Here’s a short list of common blog-writing contrivances I beseech you to avoid. I write this because I believe your ideas and opinions are clever and intriguing, why muddy them with commonly used hackneyed practices.


In this episode Chaos and Creativity I try and fail to do beatnik poetry. Kimi reveals a star crossed coincidence. And the we both discuss how to survive embarrassing moments.

Click on the link above or download from your favorite podcast feed.

Nineteen-ninety-one, my girlfriend Michelle and I were asked to house-sit her parent's place in a remote part of Morgan Hill, south of San Jose, California. One had to drive for two miles on a dirt road through a running creek to get to the house deep in the woods. It was magical. The place ran on generators and a massive array of batteries.


Brilliantly made, disturbing to watch, The Great Hack is a Netflix documentary about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and the 2016 election. Analytica's CEO, Alexander Nix, is a modern day Joseph Goebbels, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg empowered him.

David Carroll and Carole Cadwalladr, who are featured in the film, are contemporary heroes. The former for fighting for and thus drawing attention to the fact that control of one's personal data should be a fundamental human right, the latter for her superlative reporting on the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal. She also did a spectacular TED talk where she calls out “the gods of Silicon Valley” for damaging democracy. You can almost hear the mostly Silicon Valley audience uncomfortably shuffle in their seats.

My nickname, which serves as the title of this blog, has an origin story. The powerful agent who discovered me and launched my fashion photography career, Michael DeMartini, strong-armed a well known makeup artist named Lance into working on one of my first photo shoots. Lance was none too happy. He was famous, I was nineteen years old and unknown. Nevertheless, Lance did the gig with grimaced professionalism.

By the end of the shoot Lance had warmed toward me. He said, “Ok. I get why Michael is developing your career. You're eager, you're dedicated, and you're not trying to sleep with the models. You actually, legitimately want to be a fashion photographer. Hell, I can almost see you becoming good one day.”

After thinking quietly for a few seconds, Lance invited me out to drink with he and his fashion industry friends. “But,” he said, “your demeanor and your name [Louis] are way too heterosexual to hang with us at Kimo's.” It was a gay bar on Polk street. So, with a long handled blush brush he ceremoniously touched each of my shoulders and dubbed me LouLou. The nickname stuck.